Open Data

Open data is data that’s available to everyone to access, use and share. For more about Open Data, I recommend reading “What is ‘open data’ and why should we care?”

In 2017 I became an Open Data Institute registered trainer. Since then I’ve facilitated training with ODI Aberdeen & CodeTheCity and I’ve now developed my own workshops, namely:

  • Open Data in Practice
  • Achieving Impact & Engagement with Open Data

If you’re interested training do get in touch. Training needn’t be delivered as one of these workshops but they are outlined below to give an idea of the content.

‘Open Data in Practice’

This workshop serves as an introduction to Open Data. It includes some practical work to help build literacy around data and data publishing.

  • What? What we mean by Open Data.
  • Why publish? The benefits of Open Data.
  • Where is it? How can we find Open Data.
  • How? Using Open Data and publishing it.

‘Achieving Impact & Engagement with Open Data’

This workshop is aimed at anyone leading a new or existing Open Data initiative e.g. Data Portals, Citizen Science and Open Innovation projects.

The goal of the workshop is to enable attendees to realise the potential of their projects by making them easier to engage with.

In the first half of the workshop attendees are presented with examples of engagement best practices, each illustrated with examples. In the second half, attendees work through a series of tasks designed to help them identify opportunities and barriers to user engagement in their own projects.